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Pharmacy Technician Formal Education & Training
(those pursuing career as a pharmacy technician)

Step 1: Register as a Technician in Training with TSBP

To work in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician or pharmacy technician trainee, technicians must be registered with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP). Once technicians have received a registration from TSBP, and only then, may the technician work in a pharmacy and start training. Register with TSBP as a technician in training.

Step 2: Choose on the Job Training and/or Formal Education

TSBP rules in §297.6 require every pharmacy to provide pharmacy technicians/trainees initial on-the-job training. All pharmacy technicians/trainees are required to complete this training when they begin working in a pharmacy. The rules are very specific as to the areas that must be covered in these on-the-job training programs. This on-the-job training is the only training required of pharmacy technicians/trainees and currently there is no requirement for a pharmacy technician to attend a formal education program.

However, TSBP is aware that many pharmacy technicians are choosing to complete formal technician training programs in local community colleges or trade schools. We recognize the importance and value of completing a formal education program and encourage you to consider these programs; however, completion of a formal program is not currently required. If you decide to attend one of the formal programs, you need to know that the curriculum and the costs of attending these programs vary greatly.

To pursue formal education, shop around before deciding which program to attend. When considering programs the following should be considered:

  • Is the pharmacy technician program accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)? Note: the Texas State Board of Pharmacy has designated as “Board Approved Programs” any program that is currently accredited by ASHP.
  • How long is the program and how much does the program cost? Note: Lengths of the programs and costs to attend them vary greatly; “shop around” before you decide which program to attend. Generally, local Community College Programs are less expensive than private Vocational or Trade schools.
  • Most of the programs include an externship during which technicians will work in a pharmacy as part of the program. Technicians must be registered with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician or pharmacy technician trainee before beginning this externship.

Technician Training Programs - ASHP accredited pharmacy technician training program directory

Step 3: PTCB Certification

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
Texas state law requires all technicians to be certified. Technicians who are not currently certified are listed as “Technicians in Training” with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy and expected to become certified with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) within one year. After PTCB certification, registration is required with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Click here to learn more about registration requirements.

The PTCB certification exam is now being offered continuously thorough an on-demand testing center. Please visit the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board for additional information on the exam and choosing the on-demand testing center location and date.

TPA offers various training materials to help you prepare for the PTCB exam.

Step 4: Register as a Technician with TSBP

To register as a Pharmacy Technician, an individual must:

  • have a current certificate issued by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB); and
  • complete TSBP application process.
  • submit the application provided online (link at bottom of this page);
  • complete a fingerprint session through L1 Identity Solutions, which includes a fee of $40 to $45,
  • pay a registration fee after the application has been approved.

Monitor your application status online. Remember that an individual, who wishes to perform duties in a pharmacy, including technician duties, must have an ACTIVE registration. While the application is being processed, the applicants name will be posted online, however, you must pay attention to the “current status” of that registration.

Complete Pharmacy Technician information can be obtained online at the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.

Make sure to visit the Technician Resource Center.