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Pharmacy Research Grants

AHSP Foundation
Pharmacy Resident Practice-Based Research Grants
Information and Application

APhA Knowlton Center for Pharmacy-Based Health Solutions
Pharmacy Residents and their Preceptors
Federal Pharmacists Incentive Grants

Project-Specific Incentive Grants

Immunization Incentive Grants

Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group
Neonatal Pharmacy Resident/Fellow Research Grant
The Neonatal Pharmacy Resident/Fellow Research Grant supports research in neonatal medication use conducted by pharmacy residents and fellows. The primary purpose of the research award is to improve safe and effective use of medications in neonates. Research projects can comprise a wide range of medication-use topics, including but not limited to: technology, safety, and/or pharmacotherapy. A secondary goal of the program is to develop and strengthen the skills of pharmacy residents and fellows by fostering development of mentoring relationships with more experienced senior investigators. Up to 3 grants of $2,000 each are awarded yearly.
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PhRMA Foundation Research Starter Grants
Research Starter Grants provide one-year financial support in the amount of $60,000 to individuals beginning their independent research careers at the faculty level. The program is not intended to support established researchers, but individuals who are beginning careers as independent investigators in the fields listed above. Research projects that extend or develop the proprietary value of specific drugs are not acceptable in this program. Allowable research may employ specific drugs to test hypotheses that have general applicability. Highest priority will be given to applications for research that attempts to integrate information on the mechanism of action of a drug/chemical at a molecular or cellular level with the drug's effects in the laboratory animal or human.
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TSHP Foundation Research Grants
Grant Eligibility & Application Guidelines