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TPA’s Responsibilities as an ACPE-Accredited Provider
As an ACPE-Accredited Provider, it is the responsibility of Texas Pharmacy Association (TPA) to demonstrate compliance with each of the 26 quality criteria set forth in the ACPE Criteria for Quality and Interpretive Guidelines. Compliance to these guidelines and criteria and our continued commitment to quality education is the foundation for this guidebook. ACPE considers adherence a key indicator of the provider’s ability to provide “quality continuing pharmacy education programs and constitutes the primary basis for recognition by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as an ACPE-Accredited Provider”. TPA’s dedication to and enforcement of these guidelines is paramount to our continued status as a leader in state pharmacy associations and continuing pharmacy education.

Cosponsorship Opportunities
The Texas Pharmacy Association may develop cosponsorship relationships with local associations throughout the State of Texas, in addition to other health professional organizations who meet the requirements to provide quality continuing education for pharmacists and technicians. The Association works with cosponsoring organizations for the purpose of advancing the availability of high quality continuing education programs, thereby contributing to the continuing education mission.

It is necessary for organizations that would like to offer continuing education programs with TPA to become completely familiar with the guidelines and application procedures. Click here to download the guidelines document.

For organizations that would like to submit a cosponsor program application, click here. To meet ACPE requirements proposals must be submitted 60 days prior to program delivery date.

To meet ACPE requirements applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to program delivery date.