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Texas State Board of Pharmacy Continuing Education Requirements

Pharmacists must complete and report 30 hours of approved CE obtained during the previous license period in order to renew their license to practice pharmacy. Any hours obtained in excess of the amount required to renew cannot be carried forward to the next license period.

More information on continuing education requirements can be obtained online at the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.

Texas Pharmacy Law CE

Did you know that Texas State Board of Pharmacy Rules require all pharmacists and technicians to obtain one contact hour of continuing education related to Texas pharmacy laws or rules for all license renewals and registrations? A general law CE program or program based only on federal law will not meet this requirement as the course must be specific to Texas laws and rules. View the online catalog that will meet this requirement.


There are currently no minimum CE requirements for diabetes certification by TSBP, however, If you are interested in becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) then visit the sites below for eligibility and requirements.

Visit the online CE catalog for programs providing diabetes specific continuing education.


There are currently no minimum CE requirements for compounding by TSBP, however, if you are interested in becoming a PCAB accredited pharmacy click here for  eligibility and requirements. Please note that PCAB requires a structured learning plan for compounding pharmacists.