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Q: What are the consequences to pharmacists if they do not create a CPE Monitor profile?

As the providers are expected to phase out the issuance of paper CPE certificates for completion of ACPE-accredited courses, the NABP/ACPE CPE Monitor system is expected to be the single repository of this information and will be maintained on licensees’ behalf and reported to state boards who request verification of CPE. Candidates who create a profile will be able to monitor the accuracy and completeness of their CPE information reported by ACPE-accredited providers, and can proactively contact the provider if their information is not properly reported. Those who create a profile will also be able to access and print or download a record of ACPE-accredited CPE activities for their own records, or in cases where their licensing agency requires it.

If pharmacists/technicians do not create a profile, this information will not be collected on their behalf to report to the licensing board(s) as part of any CPE audit. This may have consequences to maintain licensure in states where CPE compliance is required. We strongly encourage all licensees to create and maintain their CPE profiles to ensure that there are no difficulties when maintaining their pharmacist license or technician license/registration/certification.

Q: What is the timeline for CPE Monitor to be implemented?

ACPE/NABP began the pilot test with the ACPE providers in the fall of 2011. ACPE providers have not been given a firm date for mandatory compliance by both the ACPE providers as well as all pharmacists and technicians. APhA will update our CPE takers as soon as we have additional information. Otherwise, we encourage all CPE takers to begin the process immediately.

Q: Will APhA still provide Statements of Credit?

Yes, TPA will still provide Statements of Credit either electronically or hardcopy depending on the activity through December 2012.

Q: Will there be a way for ACPE providers (such as TPA) to look up pharmacist or pharmacy technician ID numbers if they have forgotten them?

The provider will not have a mechanism to look up the ID number; it is the responsibility of the pharmacist and/or technician to provide the correct ID number. The pharmacist and/or technician will have the ability to query the site for a forgotten ID number.

Q: Will there be a look up screen for CPE takers to look up their ID numbers on the ACPE site?

No, this information will be on the web site. ACPE and NABP believe that should be the responsibility of the pharmacists and or technician to submit the correct number to the provider. Participants will have the ability to query for a forgotten ID number.

Q: What accommodations, as a phone number that can be called to obtain the number, will be made for those who may not own a computer or are not computer savvy or have disabilities that would preclude them from logging into a web site to obtain their own number?

There are paper registration forms available from NABP Customer Service for those who do not have access to a computer, which can be completed and returned to NABP Customer Service in order to establish a profile and receive the requisite unique number. However, the system is designed to be an electronic reporting system, and a valid e-mail address is required to receive communications from NABP regarding the system. Free e-mail addresses are available from a number of sources, including Google and Yahoo, which can be used for this purpose.

When registering to create a profile and obtain the unique NABP e-Profile ID, certain information was provided, including 3 security questions and responses. A registrant may call NABP Customer Service during normal business hours, and authenticate by providing the appropriate identifying information and responses to security questions. NABP Customer Service staff will then be able to assist the registrant with any specific operational or access challenges or concerns.

Q: Will pharmacists be able to print their transcripts?

Yes, pharmacists and technicians will be able to print their transcripts.

Q: What if the pharmacists don’t want to use the electronic system. Will paper still be an option?

No, paper will not be an option. A transition will occur where paper statements of credit may still be offered. But ultimately it will be a full electronic system.

Q: A license number is unique and is used by state boards of pharmacy to identify individuals within its systems. Why can’t NABP use this as the unique identifier?

Historical experience in working with our member boards indicates that the license number is not unique in all cases, and that sometimes multiple states could use the same licensing numbering schema, which could result in duplication or errors within NABP’s databases. In addition, licenses may be allowed to lapse and may no longer be associated with a licensee. Thus, NABP has determined that the Social Security number, which is unique in all cases, is a better identifier for licensees within its systems.

Using the full Social Security number, NABP will be able to reconcile any data discrepancies between its records and the state boards of pharmacy records quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. This will be necessary so that pharmacists, technicians, and state boards of pharmacy can rely on this system for tracking and reporting of CPE credits.

Q: How does NABP keep personal private information secure?

NABP takes issues of data security and data privacy very seriously, and over the years has invested significant resources in the security of its systems, which support the CPE Monitor program. NABP monitors data traffic within its systems to help ensure personally identifiable information is not improperly disclosed and limits internal access to this information, which includes Social Security numbers. All such access is monitored by NABP.

NABP deploys firewalls, encryption technology, intrusion prevention technology, and audits as part of its comprehensive security program. Further, NABP continues to monitor and implement new technologies to harden the security of its systems and believes its security posture reduces the risk of unauthorized data access to a very low level.

Q: If there are questions regarding the CPE Monitor process and the profile creation, who should be contacted for more information?

For questions regarding NABP e-Profile ID creation and maintenance, as well as the reporting process to the state boards of pharmacy, please contact NABP Customer Service at 847/391-4406, Monday-Friday between 8:45 AM and 5:00 PM CT.