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2019 Open Call for Education Programs/Presentations

Texas Pharmacy Association is looking for dynamic presentations to challenge our thinking and push the profession forward. Your expertise can help your colleagues stay on top of the latest advancements in pharmacy and patient care. Our 2018 Pharmacy Needs Assessment has identified knowledge gaps that we are committed to address with high-quality education programs.

  • Services in Community Pharmacy: Vaccines, MTM, Health Screenings/CLIA-waived Tests, Genetic Testing
  • Clinical Pharmacy: Transitions of Care, Caring for the Complex Patient, Application of Best Practices, Patient-Focused Rounds, Multi-disciplinary Teams
  • Compounding: Laws & Regulations, USP 795/797 Update, USP 800 Update
  • Autoimmune Disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Infectious Disease: Zika, Antibiotic Resistance, Fungal
  • Respiratory: Respiratory Tract Infections, COPD
  • Alzheimers and Dementia
  • HIV: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and New Medications/Guideline Updates
  • Mental Health: Treatment Updates, Pharmacist's Role
  • Pharmacy Management: Business Demands and Best Practices, PIC Training, Leadership Skills
  • Stress: Business Demands and Work Life Balance, Professional Burn-out
  • Patient Counseling: Behavior/Motivational Interviewing, Patients with Disabilities, Supportive Care
  • Expanded Technician Roles
  • Technology: New Uses, New Devices, Maximizing Use in Pharmacies
  • Value-Based Care: Quality Metrics, Pharmacy's Role; Ne Contracting with Value-Based Purchasing

Proposals should be for a 60-minute presentation that includes 20 minutes of clinical information, 20 minutes of patient-care information, and 20 minutes for questions and self-assessment.

CE Venues
The Rxperts Center for Excellence and the TPA Conference & Expo give pharmacy professionals up-to date coverage on pharmacy law and regulations, disease state management, patient safety, the latest technology, and skills needed in personal and professional settings.

Rxperts Center for Excellence - Webinars
The Rxperts Center for Excellence is the premier pharmacy resource in Texas for online continuing pharmacy education. Our groundbreaking resources include live webinars, an extensive on-demand CE catalog and comprehensive tools that help you optimize your learning experience and manage education records.

2019 TPA Conference and Expo - Live
August 2-4, 2019
Irving Convention Center, Irving, Texas

Questions to ask yourself prior to submitting your proposal:

  • Is the topic innovative and relevant?
  • Has the content leader or speaker received positive ratings in the past (if applicable)?
  • Is the session well-organized and designed to meet the needs of pharmacy staff?
  • Does the proposal adequately explain what will occur in the session? How engaging is the    presentation likely to be?
  • How well suited is the proposed presentation to the preferred session format?

Submitting Presentation Proposals
Proposals are due by April 10, 2019. Submissions must be completed online using our TPA Presenter and Content Proposal form. Our online submission process makes presentation proposal submission a quick, simple process. The submission of a proposal is not a guarantee for selection.

Each submission will be reviewed by a team of topic and content experts and pharmacy advocates. You will be notified of the status of your submission no later than May 15, 2019.

Texas Pharmacy Association invites you to submit a proposal to present a pharmacy continuing education program.
1. To qualify as pharmacy continuing education, programs must fit one of TPA’s five core curriculum areas of focus.
2. All programs submitted must have a patient-focused care component and be designed for pharmacists in all practice settings, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy students. Programs must have acceptable learning objectives, should contain active learning, and need to be at least 60 minutes in length.
3. Proposals will be reviewed, and if the presentation is deemed acceptable based on pharmacy continuing education standards and ACPE criteria, the listed speaker will be contacted to finalize arrangements.

For more on continuing education programs, contact TPA Education Manager Lisa Goerlitz.

To meet ACPE requirements proposals must be submitted at least 90 days prior to program delivery date.

Click here to submit a proposal.