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Texas Pharmacy Association
Five Core Curriculum Areas of Focus

  • Medication Therapy Management - Obtain the clinical knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to establish MTM services for patients with complex drug regimens.
  • Clinical Drug Therapy - The role for pharmacists in educating patients and physicians about drug safety, drug interactions and cost-savings. Improving collaboration between physicians and pharmacists for improved patient results.
  • Patient Safety - Pharmacists, as the experts in medicines, have a leading role to play in identifying and preventing medication errors including: administration and dosage of drugs, communication problems between patient and health care professional, adverse drug reaction, error in dispensing, prescribing error and use of medicine.  And, more positively, ensuring better outcomes from medication use.
  • Pharmacy Law - Regulations intended to preserve, and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Texas by regulating the practice of pharmacy in the public interest.
  • Pharmacy Leadership and Operations - Assisting pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals in developing business management and leadership skills to meet the challenges faced in the dynamic health care system and ever changing economic climate.