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The Professional Recovery Network

The Professional Recovery Network (“PRN”) is a department of the Texas Pharmacy Association established to assist organizations and agencies in providing assistance to impaired professionals and/or conducting peer review services.  The PRN program was created pursuant to the provisions of the Texas Pharmacy Act, Chapter 564, Texas Occupations Code.

TPA established such a department to assist with efforts to review, monitor, and report on compliance by individuals with whom it contracts, to state agencies in circumstances where licensed individuals are required to report; all dealing with compliance efforts to treat their impairments such as alcohol or drug abuse.  PRN, at the request of such licensing agencies, places these licensees under the direction of healthcare professionals who have been qualified with PRN.  These individuals perform the professional reviews and analyses, and then report the results to PRN.  The TPA contracted with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy to allow PRN to offer impaired professional monitoring services to the Pharmacy Board. 

PRN is a wide-reaching program that also provides training and support to local groups of pharmacists who conduct peer review services, participate in interventions, and assist their impaired peers in getting the services they need through participation in the PRN program.  These impaired pharmacists include many who enter the program of their own accord, and/or with the encouragement of local peer intervener groups, to seek the help that they need to treat their mental health and substance abuse impairments.

If you or another licensed pharmacist, pharmacy student or pharmacy technician is having an issue with depression, drug or alcohol abuse, or any physical or mental impairment that might impact the manner in which you practice, PRN is an invaluable source of assistance and support.  Participation in PRN’s program can provide services that can help, enabling pharmacy professionals to continue to practice in their chosen field while getting the treatment they need.

Many of these issues may result in negative employment or legal consequences for you or someone you know, including disciplinary actions before the Texas State Board of Pharmacy that could dramatically effect one’s ability to practice pharmacy. It is essential to seek legal counsel to represent you in matters involving impairment and your professional license before the Board.  An experienced attorney can help to ensure that you are treated fairly and are given the opportunity you or someone you know deserves to seek the assistance he or she needs while preserving the professional license to practice.