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Texas Pharmacy Association is committed to the widespread expansion of pharmacy-based MTM services as a cornerstone of its Smart Healthy Living Initiative. MTM programs advance patient outcomes by improving personal management of chronic diseases through education, lifestyle changes and medication management. MTM services also place pharmacists in a vital frontline role in the health care continuum. MTM can reduce health care expenses, improve provider coordination in patient care, eliminate unnecessary or conflicting medications and improve compliance with drug and treatment regimens. MTM services deepen the patient-pharmacist-physician relationship, generate additional revenue for pharmacies and provide career-enhancing skills for pharmacists and technicians.

TPA has sponsored several MTM initiatives that have helped advance diabetes patient care in Texas while providing valuable opportunities for pharmacists. So far, these initiatives have focused on diabetes, which affects 1.5 million Texans at a cost of $11.4 billion each year.  MTM services provided by pharmacists have helped patients better manage their diabetes by promoting education, physical activity and healthy living as part of their daily routines.  Proper medication management may prevent adverse outcomes and reduce health care costs for employees and employers.

Future TPA-initiated projects will address asthma, cholesterol, heart disease, smoking cessation and osteoarthritis.  
“We’re trying to advance the quality of health care by bringing pharmacists and patients closer together to improve personal disease management,” says pharmacist Kim Roberson, TPA’s director of Professional Affairs. “When employers, insurers and providers team up to work with patients, everyone benefits.”

TPA Initiatives

Hispanic Initiative
Pilgrim's Pride Project
Williamson County Project

Pilot Project for Texas Medicaid Patients

History of MTM

Asheville Project  
Lewin Report
EHC Survey

What is MTM

Consensus MTM Definition
MTM Core Elements
CMS MTM Fact Sheet
Pharmacist FAQs